Education that follows a child 

"Let's not force anyone to be active but trigger the activity
Let's not make others think but
create the conditions for thinking
Instead of demanding, let's convince.
Let the child ask and let's slowly develop the child's mind so that he or she would like to learn by himself or herself." 
Janusz Korczak



What brought us together was the conviction that we need to look for a way of educating children in a manner which suits their needs in the best possible way. We organize and conduct educational institutions, workshops and labs.

We perceive our role as creating spaces, both physical and mental, which allow for the development for all those who find themselves in these spaces and who think about education in the same manner that we do.

We are a non-profit non-governmental organization.


Primary school and kindergarten PRACOWNIA (means in English ATELIER or STUDIO) are located in Widzewska Manufaktura (WiMa) - a place where programmers gather representatives of creative industries. We are launching further studios and inviting creators whose fields do not have representation among entities present in the area of WiMa.

We decided to adapt the industrial space, being aware that this is not a typical solution, 
because we organize our space in a different way than typical schools. The main space is the place of common play and being together. It is surrounded by spaces dedicated to didactic and creative activities. The space will grow successively with subsequent children arriving and subsequent studios being launched.

Every day we use the park in WiMa located about 300 meters from us. For longer walks we go to Widzewski Park or Nad Jasienia Park.


we are creating the ATMOSPHERE FOR CREATIVITY 





primary school,



secondary school - opening 2020/2021

Piłsudskiego 135 bud. B2 i C5

90-001 Łódź


Tel. +48 664116524

Fax. +48 222072511


NIP: 7252168694

REGON: 366095250

KRS: 0000653204

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