As part of its activities, the Foundation opens creative studios run by practitioners of various fields. 


We opened the following studios: 
- artistic/stage design, in which activities are carried out, such as: painting (inspired by the idea of the Malort studio), ceramics, 
- natural science in which we carry out experiments from various areas, 
- sewing,
- photographic darkroom,
- tool room.

​We plan to open the following studios:

- computer technology, 

- photography,
- film.



The main role of the studios is to enable direct contact between pupils from school/kindergarten and practitioners, enthusiasts of different disciplines. We assume that for young people the theme or subject is not as much inspirational as the person who is passionate about a given subject, and whose involvement is able to inspire others. At the same time, we want to be a contact with the real work that is performed within the framework of the discipline, and not an arranged and simplified version, which is often the subject of classes or workshops dedicated to pupils of primary schools. 
We believe that within the studios pupils and practitioners will initiate master-disciple relationships, which, in addition to the tutor-like relationships with teachers and partner relationships with other participants of the school, are an important part of building the social maturity of children.

We organize workshops for external groups. 


primary school,



secondary school - opening 2020/2021

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