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We are an school implementing the core curriculum defined by the Ministry of National Education based on the guidelines education of creativity. 

We focus on direct and everyday contact with human passion and creativity. We operate based on respect for children's subjectivity. Thanks to these two pillars, we enable children to maintain stable intellectual, emotional and social development, regardless of their conditions and predispositions.

The PRACOWNIA is a place for discussions between teachers, practitioners, parents and children. We are a community that is changing and developing together with the people who create it. We avoid the standard market framework: we do not offer a product / service, we do not look for customers, we do not present an offer. We are a community, a place and an environment - open to both children and adults. We encourage you to join us in shaping the PRACOWNIA - we create the conditions for the development of our children together.

We plan to open a secondary school - so that children can receive the education according to the model which we propose right until their matura exam.

We cordially invite the children who fulfil school duty within the framework of home education.



We support the intellectual, emotional and social development of every child.


It is understood as "teaching which is aimed at developing pupils' individual abilities to think and act in a creative way". Education is implemented through lively contact with active creators operating in specific areas. We make sure that kids have regular contact with the practical part of their work. We want pupils to build an individual relationship with creators and stimulate their passions and interests. We believe that a particular person with passion is often a better inspiration than an abstract idea.




It is understood as:

  • children's right to decide for themselves: how they spend their time at school, what they want to do, when and how they will learn, 

  • children’s right to participation in a community full of mutual respect, establishing rules together, equality between children and adults,

  • respect for rules established together and for the subjectivity of other children and adults,

  • taking as much responsibility for independently made choices as possible with respect for individual social, emotional and intellectual development,

  • children’s right for support independence, responsibility, inner-direction and assertiveness,

  • support in development of natural curiosity and creativity and the ability to define one's own interests and following them,

  • no coercion, notes, tests, homework, rewards and penalties as systemic forms that neglect children’s subjectivity until they arise from needs of individuals or communities explicitly communicated by them (see: establishing rules together)


children choose interesting topics that they would like to explore. They formulate, by themselves or with the help of a tutor, questions that are transformed into a research procedure. The role of the tutor shall be limited to creation of appropriate conditions for pupil's work and help when needed.


we use the latest results of studies in the field of neurodidactics.










Within the scope of creating an educational program, we cooperate with professor Krzysztof Szmidt - Wydział Nauk o Wychowaniu (Faculty of Education) at the University of Lodz.


primary school,



secondary school - opening 2020/2021

Piłsudskiego 135 bud. B2 i C5

90-001 Łódź


Tel. +48 664116524

Fax. +48 222072511

e-mail: agnieszka@pracowniaedukacyjna.pl

NIP: 7252168694

REGON: 366095250

KRS: 0000653204

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